Vishesh Nagpal

intention for this blog

I've been meaning to carve out a little corner for myself on the internet for a while now, and this website is that space. I am 33 years old, married, and we have a two-year-old boy. I've lived a really interesting life, if I may say so myself, and I don't doubt that it will get dull anytime soon. I've regularly journaled my thoughts, feelings, and ideas since I was 15. Writing for myself has been so satisfying (and life-saving, really) that I wonder what more joy having a public blog would provide. But I am called to do this, so here I am. I hope to write every now and then about what it means to be human in the crazy and beautiful world we inhabit. I'm honestly very open to what becomes of this space, but my intention is to share the love, grace, and reality of my (our) life, and make some new friends along the way.

Vishesh Nagpal

Namasteezy 🤗

PS: I love meeting new people. Send me a note for any questions, comments or conversations. Or Just say hello.

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