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It's all about connection

To avoid burnout sprinkle your day to day with good conversations.

But they are rare, at least in my world. I've had a sense of what it entails - feeling energised post - but I encountered a wonderful essay that very well defines one.

"Good conversation mixes opinions, feelings, facts and ideas in an improvisational exchange with one or more individuals in an atmosphere of goodwill. It inspires mutual insight, respect and, most of all, joy. It is a way of relaxing the mind, opening the heart and connecting, authentically, with others. To converse well is surprising, humanising and fun." - Paula Marantz Cohen 1

I know that is a mouthful but the essence is that a dialogue is pivotal to well being.

So why is it rare? I could blame the state of education and culture at large or my upbringing at home for not teaching me this art of connecting via dialogue. But the fact is that it is actually downstream to my disconnection from myself.

And anyone who feels they're having a hard time connecting with others might want to dig deeper inside.

I've been lucky to have had so much time in devotion to my inner-personal growth - and after thousands of hours of meditations, attending silent retreats, listening to wisdom masters and partaking in specific consciousness altering experiences my final takeaway is

-that its all about connection. with self. and with others.

A good conversation aides that and disconnection doesn't support a good one.

If you'd like to dig deeper into 'connection' Joe Hudson's VIEW framework is a gold I wish I'd found at the outset.2

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  1. link to the essay

  2. Podcast introducing VIEW

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